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Exercise is what I do! It has become part of my life. It is just as much physical as it is mental for me. Not only does my body feel better but my mind feels better, too! After the kids go off to school in the morning, and my beds are made and the house is clean (well, sort of!), I head off to get in my exercise. I prefer working out outside. My favorite thing to do is to run with friends. I also enjoy my outdoor bootcamp, and Pilates. I rotate these different activities throughout the week. Exercise has become social for me too. I have my friends that I run with, friends I go to bootcamp with and friends I do Pilates with! Here are some added benefits of exercise and 5 reasons why you should get moving:

1. Increasing cardiovascular function. Ok, so my husband is a cardiologist,  but seriously, exercise is good for the heart!  It is a muscle and just like every muscle, it needs to be worked.
 2. Exercise releases serotonin to your brain. And as we all know this is a mood booster. People talk about the “runner’s high” and it is true for other exercises, including yoga, weight training and interval training.
3. Exercise lets you spend time with friends. Meet a friend for an exercise class or ask a friend to go for a walk. These are great ways to multi-task. Instead of meeting a friend for coffee or lunch, exercise and talk. What a great way to laugh and catch up, AND get your workout in!
4. Exercise helps you get better sleep. Just don’t exercise too close to your bedtime;-)
5. Exercise helps with weight control and better physical appearance. You will look better and feel better if you exercise! It works! Just try it!