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Dalgona coffee has been all over the internet lately! This whipped coffee is the new craze. I took a spin at making it healthy using monk fruit sweetener instead of regular sugar. It was delicious! Monk Fruit sweetener is a natural sweetener made from an extract from the dried fruit. It has zero calories and zero carbs and does not raise insulin levels like regular sugar. You can also use coconut palm sugar or your favorite sugar of choice!

I also love Joi Nut Milk Base. It is the easiest way to make homemade nut milk with no soaking or straining. I combine their almond and cashew for the most delicious nut milk you cold possible imagine! If you are interested in learning more or buying it, click here to learn more.


4 tbsp instant coffee

4 tbsp monk fruit sweetener

4 tbsp hot water

2 cups of nut milk (divided per glass)


Add instant coffee, monk fruit sweetener and hot water to a bowl. Beat with hand mixer until the mixture starts to froth and form peaks. The mixture will also lighten.

Pour homemade almond/cashew milk made with @addjoi (or your choice of nut milk) into a glass over ice. Scoop the whipped coffee mixture over the iced nut milk. Enjoy!