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Who doesn’t love ice cream on these hot Indian Summer days?! I scream, you scream, we all scream for Ice Cream…but not all that sugar!! This ice cream uses natural ingredients, including banana and almond butter. The Cacao powder gives it a yummy, chocolate flavor. Maca order is great for balancing hormones, so it’s a great addition to this already healthy treat!


3 frozen bananas

1/4 cup almond butter

3 tbsp cacao powder

1 tbsp maca powder

1 tsp vanilla

A few tablespoons of almond milk

Optional toppings: dark chocolate chips, almonds, or berries

Place all ingredients in a high speed blender (I love my Vitamin!). Blend on high and add almond milk to help blend and make smooth. You want this thick, and not too watery, or like a smoothie. You may need to stop the blender and use a spatula to scrape down the sides. Pour the mixture into a deep pan lined with parchment paper. Freeze for a few hours and then scoop out into a bowl with an ice cream scooper. Top with dark chocolate chips, almonds, or berries.